Dog walking service and Dog Boarding


Do you have a fulltime job and are you gone for the day? Give FETCH! a call to walk your dog!
In the late-morning we will pick up your dog to take it, together with a balanced pack of dogs, for at least a 1 hour walk on the beach, in the dunes or in a large park. When the weather is good and all dogs are up for it, we will walk your dog for at least 90 minutes instead of 60. 

To ensure the safety of your dog FETCH! has followed some related courses. At the Animal Protection Society in The Hague an extensive First Aid course has been followed. At the Martin Gaus Academy for Dogs FETCH! did a four day "Dog Walking Service" course. Click here for the certificates we received after following the courses.
We also take dogs in for boarding. Click HERE for more information. 
FETCH! Dog Walking Service can be contacted by phone (06 - 25 06 36 52) or email ( Before we start walking your dog, FETCH! will visit you to meet you and your dog for an interview about your dog's character, habits, etc.
Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact FETCH! We are more than happy to give you some additional information and of course we hope we can start walking your dog any time soon...
FETCH! Hondenuitlaatservice (Dog Walking Service)



1 - 2 walks per week > € 15,00 per walk

3 - 4 walks per week > € 14,00 per walk

5      walks per week > € 13,00 per walk

FETCH! invoices once a month. The first month your dog walks with us we would like to receive the amount for that months walks in front. From the second month onwards you will receive the invoice on the last walk of the month, so you pay afterwards.


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